Looking for a used family hauler that doesn’t make a scene, is easy to park, and doesn’t burn through fuel like a refinery fire? Skip the rest of this writeup on the Hummer H2.

Launched for the 2003 model year, this Hummer featured 325 horsepower, a gargantuan body, and more off-road hardware than most of its owners would come close to needing. Big, tough and aggressive, the H2 was a fashion statement as much as a rock-crawling weapon.

Look for automatic climate control, power accessories, leather seats, Bose audio, auto-dimming mirrors and plenty more.


H2’s six-litre, 325-horsepower engine was replaced in 2008 with a 6.2-litre unit that cranked out 393 ponies. The four-speed automatic was replaced with a six-speed unit, too.


What owners like

Most owners report that their H2s deliver a smooth and comfortable ride that’s also quiet when driven modestly. Interior space and size, functionality, versatility and all-road confidence are other major plusses, alongside a built-in sense of adventure.

What owners dislike

Gripes tend to centre around fuel consumption, parking difficulties, and issues fitting into snug quarters. Some owners wish for more performance from the factory Bose audio system, more in-cabin storage and more thoughtfulness to the ergonomics.

Common issues

Ensure your potential H2 tracks straight down the road, as some owners have reported alignment issues evidenced by a “pull” to one side or the other. Cycle the H2 between its two- and four-wheel drive modes as outlined in the owner’s manual, ensuring the transfer case shifts properly. Check carpeting thoroughly for signs of moisture, which may be caused by clogged, kinked or leaky sunroof drain hoses. Also ensure that steering-wheel mounted controls for the audio system and cruise control work properly.


A healthy Hummer H2 with a mechanical thumbs-up should prove a unique, flexible family hauler that’s big on size and capability.

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