The next time someone tells you to take a flying leap, go for it.


That’s exactly what the Toronto School of Circus Arts (TSOCA) has been teaching everyone from novices to experts since 1999. Located in northern Toronto at No. 8 - 75 Carl Hall Rd., Downsview Park, TSOCA provides a broad range of individual and group instructional classes, team-building retreats, camps and birthday parties for all, aged five to 85.


As Decker LaDouceur, director of operations and new business development relates though, 80 per cent of participants generally range between 20 and 35 years of age, keen to fulfil that youthful dream of running away to join the circus — even if it’s only for a $25 drop-in flying trapeze class.


Those who feel a deeper urge to explore the possibilities of circus performance will find a vast array of options at various price structures ranging from multi-tiered single classes through to full packages spanning an entire session.


“The (TSOCA) is for those who are looking to explore what the human body can accomplish while extending themselves on a creative and physical way in an alternative setting unlike a traditional gym,” says LaDouceur. “Students register for a session, (which) may be a 10-class package or a four-class package. The flying trapeze is a class in itself and is not combined with any other package.”

With choices such as trampoline, Chinese poles, acrobatics, juggling, aerial acts and more, one feels almost conflicted in paring down the array of options. Of course, not all of us are in shape to swing from our arms for hours, hence TSOCA’s personal training and muscle conditioning lessons, available at their own gym as a part of all packages.

Unfortunately though, many responsibilities in this day and age reduce the amount of time most adults have to explore such leisure, hence one of TSOCA’s more common questions — aside from price. How long are courses? On average, classes run at approximately one hour and sessions operate in 12-14 week cycles, assuring that virtually anyone can slot in the Toronto School of Circus Arts.

Still unsure? Maybe you need to see it for yourself. As a celebration of each year’s participating classes, TSOCA hosts an annual talent showcase at their Carl Hall location with this year’s extravaganza running June 11 and 12.

“It’s based on Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass,” says LaDouceur. “It’s for all ages and will be an amazing good time.”