She already recycles and composts, hangs her laundry to dry, bikes to work and brings her own bags to the store.

But Carmen Lake still found new ideas on how she can become even more earth-friendly at the Ottawa Go Green Expo at Lansdowne Park yesterday.

“I was thinking of doing some home renovations down the line,” she said. “And when I do, I might consider some of these things.”

More than 15,000 people checked out green alternatives including environmentally friendly soap, reusable food bags created from reclaimed textiles, drinking water systems, heirloom seeds, worm composters, clothing and even light-activated toothbrushes that don’t require toothpaste at the second annual expo yesterday.

Visitors also test-drove hybrid vehicles, watched organic and vegan cooking demonstrations and brought in electronics for recycling through Samsung’s one-ton challenge.

“The show covers so many different spectrums that you might not have thought how easy it is to go green,” said show spokeswoman Tanya Williams, who added the environmental movement has been a slow one in Ottawa.

“Considering we’re the capital city, you think it would be us making the charge,” she said.

The show drew people of all ages. Ottawa resident Dennis Jackson brought his four-year-old son, Xander, to the show.

“Sustainability starts at an early age,” said Jackson. “At home, we use green cleaners, we compost, drive a fuel-efficient car and live in a small house. We walk places and buy local foods. His experience means he will likely recognize the importance of these things and continue with these habits.”