Board refuses to grant fare rebates

They listened, but Pat Eales isn’t convinced GO Transit’s board of directors heard the deafening hue and cry of frustrated commuters demanding better service and a refund when trains are late.



"They just kept bringing up the same old excuses — the weather, the switches — and that it wasn’t their fault," the Oakville mother of two said after tabling copies of an online petition at Friday’s board meeting, supported by almost 11,000 dissatisfied riders.



The petition called for a 50 per cent refund on fares when trains are delayed 20 minutes or more. Eales also asked the board to freeze fare hikes until trains run as scheduled.

But her requests fell on deaf ears. A 15-cent-per-ride fare increase on a single adult ticket goes into effect today. Board chair Peter Smith confirmed there will be no refunds.

‘silent rebate’

  • Eales urged riders to take advantage of the "silent rebate" available at the customer service kiosk at Union Station. Staff offer vouchers when riders complain about late or cancelled trains.