Oakville woman taking petition to board of directors

David Cooper/Torstar News Service


Pat Eales will take 8,000 signatures to a GO Transit board meeting next week, hoping to pressure the company into rescinding a planned fare increase until it can offer better service.

They’re late for work and late coming home to pick up the kids from day care.

Now GO riders are going to be charged more for what many are calling "atrocious" and "abysmal" service, says an Oakville woman who has become the voice of frustrated commuters across the region.

Pat Eales will take an 8,000-name online petition to the March 14 meeting of the GO board of directors. She plans to ask the board to postpone the fare increase planned for March 15 until GO can run its trains on time.

"Most of the people I rode the trains with, we felt our complaints were being dropped into a bottomless bucket. Now at least people think there’s a collective voice," said Eales yesterday.

The petition asks GO to refund 50 per cent of fares when trains are late by 20 minutes or more, and to provide better notification of delays.

"We don’t mind paying a good fare for a good service. Just give us good service," she said.

"There are obviously people who agree with her," said GO spokesperson Stephanie Sorensen. "GO and the board are taking her concerns very seriously."

The transit agency reported that 83 per cent of its trains ran on time last year, down from about 90 per cent in 2006.

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