For the first time in 40 years GO Transit is overhauling its schedules to an extent that virtually all train riders and many bus riders will be affected.

The changes, effective April 3, are being made to reflect real trip times. Riders are advised to check their route schedules at GO Transit’s website.

About 40 train trips will be adjusted by one to eight minutes in response to GO’s ridership growth, which has increased to about 55 million passengers from about 36 million annually in 1998.

The changes are good news for some eastern commuters. They’ll make room for an additional westbound trip on the Lakeshore East line, departing Oshawa at 6:47 a.m. and making all stops to Pickering, then running express to Union Station.

But six off-peak trains on the Georgetown corridor are being cancelled temporarily. They will be replaced by 22 buses.

To make buses available for the Georgetown run, some routes are being eliminated, including the Newmarket bus to York University and the 62B Newmarket run to York Mills. GO will no longer offer buses from the Mississauga City Centre to the airport.

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