While the Ontario government is investing billions in public transit, hundreds of York Region riders are accusing GO Transit of driving them back into their cars by cancelling two Newmarket bus routes.

Citing poor ridership numbers and the need to integrate with York Region’s regular service and Viva express buses, GO will discontinue the 92B bus to York Mills on April 5, and the Newmarket-York University bus on April 26.

The move will add hours and cost to their com­mutes, say more than 200 GO riders who attended a Tuesday meeting with GO and York Region officials, organized by MPP Frank Klees (Newmarket-Aurora).

“What is being proposed is unacceptable,” said Klees, who accused GO and YRT officials of having failed to properly plan service for the displaced passengers.

He wants to meet directly with Metrolinx CEO Robert Prichard, who oversees GO’s operations, and YRT officials.

About 500 people ride the two Newmarket routes, which operate weekdays only. GO did not say how many riders are needed to make the routes viable. Many of the riders contacted yesterday said they would drive rather than use York Region Transit (YRT) buses they say are slower and more expensive.

Jennifer McCue said she’ll have to drive because the local buses won’t get her home in time to pick up her baby from daycare in Aurora.

“It’s a Catch-22 — if you want to take transit you have to leave work early every day. Timing-wise, it just doesn’t work,” she said.

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