Since going into business for herself in May, former CP24 do-it-all personality Nneka Elliott has traded an anchor’s desk for a desk at her home office, but yesterday she was at the Pantages Hotel on Victoria Street, scouting out a space for an upcoming event she’s organizing.

While touring third-floor meeting spaces she peeked into a room that was empty except for a boardroom table, chairs and an easel with a large sheet of paper bearing the words “Fake It With Conviction.”

Elliott knows all about that. In 2005 she landed a reporting gig at 1010 CFRB even though she still hadn’t graduated from Ryerson. And in 2007 she was hired as a presenter on The Weather Network even though she had never worked in front of a camera.

That she learned so quickly on each of those jobs — parlaying the Weather Network job into the CP24 spot — is right in line with one of her many mantras, “Fake it till you make it.”

But when the 27-year-old left CP24, she was for real.


In May, Elliott founded The Media Huddle, a startup that specializes in training and networking for aspiring journalists, experienced pros, and for companies.

In October, the company will host the fifth event in its monthly seminar series, titled “You’re Up!” and which Elliot describes as speed dating for media professionals.

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