One of my proudest achievements was receiving a Master of Arts degree in my 50s while working full-time in a stressful administrative position at Humber College.

As Humber started offering degree level programs a few years ago, I was strongly encouraged to get a post graduate credential — a daunting prospect for an already over-worked professional.

But I found it was not only possible, but stimulating and actually enjoyable by doing it online through Alberta’s Athabasca University.


I did it over a few years, one course at a time, all year round. I loved my professors and virtual classmates — I still have friends I’ve never met in person — and I couldn’t believe how much I learned.

It takes dedication and a desire to succeed, but for me it was much easier than attending university classes at night.

Online learning is best through an institution that specializes in distance education because they make the coursework truly interactive and fun.

But be warned, it is more rigorous than face-to-face learning because you write everything including class discussions, group work seminars, research essays, and that final major thesis project. It certainly helps if you like to write.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

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