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In this file photo, Josh, 22, from Pittsburgh, Pa., rests at the beach after drinking lots of beer in Cancun, Mexico, which is a favourite destination for Spring Breakers. Lots of holidayers may want to join the Spring Break party, but many more would like to miss it entirely.

Hard to believe, but Spring Break was a hallowed tradition for North American college students long before MTV co-opted and branded the party. Along the way, the week-long marathon of booze, public nudity and general excess has won lots of fans, and plenty more detractors.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. was home to many an infamous Spring Break before the city had enough, and the party moved on to Daytona Beach, Fla. Then Daytona Beach had enough. So where has the action officially gone now? To Panama Beach City on Florida’s Emerald Coast, where MTV is setting up shop again this year from March 9 through 22;

One estimate says 250,000 college students will be there — which means you and your family may wish to be anywhere but.