Re: "MPPs not home for Christmas — NDP House Leader called The Grinch (Dec. 18):


Thank god for those who are not afraid to speak out about MPP’s granting themselves a 25 % pay hike when, as (NDP House Leader) Peter Kormos has exclaimed, thousands of Ontario workers have lost their jobs, while government employees (and other white collar scoundrels) continue to receive exorbitant salaries, perks and severance — and the minimum wage falls short of the real cost of living in this province.


Why, $10/hour times 40 hours a week (if a part-time worker can get it) is $20,000 a year before taxes.


After income tax, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Toronto and a proper diet would take that away easily enough.


It seems like the government is quite satisfied with padding their nests at the expense of the common working folk with little or no regard for maintaining an adequate standard of living for all Ontarians. If they worry about losing politicians to Ottawa then let them go.

If they get their raise, I just hope they think about all the people that are having their hourly rate or salary clawed back or are maybe lucky to get 2% a year more.