Actress and television personality Audrina Patridge understands the volatile dynamic that often evolves around young women whose social lives are too tightly linked.

Her MTV reality show The Hills charted the behaviours between her and a group of Los Angeles women and was a smash hit.

Her latest offering, the horror thriller Sorority Row, treads similar ground and many people get smashed and hit, not to mention bludgeoned, hacked, stabbed...

The film — a loose remake of the 1983 slasher opus The House on Sorority Row — stars Patridge as one of a gaggle of college girls (including Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes and Briana Evigan) whose prank gone wrong results in mass murder and cheesecake terror.

Although not pre-screened for critics in its entirety, (the first 20 minutes were revealed to a select few earlier this year), the picture appears to be a high gloss, exploitation quickie with Patridge — although her turn is brief — exhibiting a surprising amount of dramatic, on-the-throes-of-death chops. Yes, it’s no secret that the comely starlet is the first to go… and graphically so.

“There is so much blood, it’s awesome,” says Patridge about her messy but pivotal part. “I’ve loved horror movies all of my life and I was so excited to do it and get covered in all that gore. It was so sticky and cold and crazy nasty. I had a blast.”

Although the plot of Sorority Row sees the aforementioned damsels turn on each other as tensions mount and bodies pile-up, Patridge claims their of screen dynamic was anything but vicious.

“We all bonded really quickly and became really close. In the movie, not so much but in reality our chemistry was fantastic and we’re still all really good friends.”

Earlier this year, Patridge announced that she was leaving The Hills to pursue her own reality program called, appropriately, The Audrina Show.

But although Sorority Row is only her second feature film (the first being 2008’s Into the Blue 2), the actress doesn’t want to only be known as a TV star and hopes to continue exploring her new muse.

“I’d really love to do a period film,” she admits. “I’m obsessed with The Tudors. I would go insane if I could that wear those elegant, feminine costumes and enter another time and place.”

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