Comic book novel based on show in works

THE GOOD NEWS: There was some news for fans of Heroes – my old favorite new show of the current TV season – at the Wizard World sci-fi convention in Los Angeles last month, as reported on this week. The end of the season one of the show will also be the end of some of the characters, though the producers and writers on hand naturally declined saying who; Sendhil Ramamurthy’ Mohinder was apparently the most likely candidate for those attending the panel, notably those not dressed like Wolverine.


There will be more online Heroes comic books, and a Heroes novel titled Saving Charlie will be published in the near future. Original artwork by Santiago Cabrera’s Mendez character will be made available for auction on NBC’s website, with proceeds going to the Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation.


The season box set of the show will include a 72-minute cut of the pilot, and some scenes filmed especially for the set taking place after the season climax. No release date (I’m predicting mid-summer) but the producers hope to release the set in both regular DVD and HD-DVD, for the thirty people who’ve bought a player and the hundreds of collectors who’ll buy one and never crack the shrink wrap.


It took me a few episodes before I decided to stop watching Heroes and wait for the box set, but I’ve already decided to do that with my new favorite show of the current season – Fox’s Drive. This late-season replacement has gotten good reviews, and will likely air at least till the end of its 13-episode first season run. In a teleconference with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette TV writer Rob Owen, Drive’s creator and executive producer Tim Minear said that the season finale won’t be the end of the race that the show’s characters began with last Friday’s premiere episode.


“What we've found is 13 ain't enough to get me to the end of one of these races," Minear said. "So we're going to get you to a natural stopping point at [episode] 13 and when we come back we will finish the first race.” Minear also said that when he started writing the show, he wanted to avoid flashbacks since Lost did them, but he found it too limiting. “I will use absolutely any narrative tool that will help me, so yes, flashbacks, flash forwards. What we won't probably be doing is time travel." Remember Tim: Never say never.

The producer of Vision TV’s 360 Vision show e-mailed me to point out that, contrary to what I said in yesterday’s column, his show’s segment on Telus and their cell phone porn controversy actually did mention that Telus cancelled the service in response to customer complaints. I was apparently distracted and missed the four words that mentioned how Telus had capitulated, which proves that it’s dangerous to write a column, pay your bills and clean your gun all at the same time. “No mea culpa but how a correction and an apology?” John Scully asked in an e-mail, so let this be my apology, after which I’m just going to deluge you with Sanjaya news for the next month.