Toronto had barely escaped a deep freeze when it was hit with a big snowfall yesterday that delayed flights, shut down the Scarborough RT and snarled traffic across the city.

And Environment Canada is pouring ice-cold water on hopes for an early spring, predicting even more snow over the next two months.

The powder started falling across southern Ontario on Saturday and didn’t let up until yesterday afternoon. Some parts of Toronto received more than 20 centimetres of the white stuff.

The higher temperatures, which climbed to –4 C yesterday after days of unseasonably cold weather, helped melt away some of the snow and slush.

While the snow tapered off, and meteorologists aren’t expecting any more blizzards over the next few days, Environment Canada warns this winter will be unusually snowy.

The good news is the GTA will have some respite this week.

“Wednesday is the only day we’ll get any appreciable amount of snow,” Seifert said.“Otherwise, a fairly quiet week.”

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