Some “gooey” photos taken inside the Halifax wastewater treatment facility helped city officials explain yesterday why the plant will remain shut down until next spring.

The pictures of pumps and other equipment covered in sludge and grime were taken following a Jan. 14 flood that was caused by a power outage and put the $54-million facility out of commission.

Brad Anguish, director of Halifax Regional Municipality’s Harbour Solutions Project, and Carl Yates, general manager of Halifax Water, told city council during a closed-door meeting that the plant will be closed for another year and later made a public announcement.


The first of three sewage treatment facilities for the municipality opened to much fanfare in February 2008 and Mayor Peter Kelly followed up last August with a celebratory swim in newly cleaned waters off of Point Pleasant Park.

“We sincerely regret this setback,” Anguish said.

Yates added it’s “a balancing act” between inspecting and correcting the problems inside and getting the plant up and running again.

They’re hopeful insurance will pay for the damage, but couldn’t put a price tag on it. The facility is in the fourth month of its three-year warranty.

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