Republicans in the U.S. House, forecast to do well in November’s congressional election, presented a “Pledge to America” campaign agenda Thursday to create jobs, cut taxes and shrink government.

Boosted by voter disappointment at President Barack Obama’s handling of high unemployment and the budget deficit, the Republicans look set to pick up dozens of seats in the House, with a real chance to win back control from the Democrats.

Opinion polls show that Democrats should keep hold of the Senate, but with a weaker majority.

The Republican House leaders unveiled their manifesto at a hardware store in Sterling, Va., near the U.S. capital.

“Republicans have heard the American people,” said John Boehner, the party’s leader in the House. “We are very serious about implementing our pledge.”

While short on specifics, the plan calls for $100 billion in savings per year by scaling back federal spending to 2008 levels — with exceptions for the elderly and U.S. troops — and ending government control of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

With the Republican announcement, battle lines for the Nov. 2 election have become clearer.
The GOP aims to cut the projected $1.3 trillion deficit with immediate spending reductions. But they also call for tax cuts that would make paring the deficit more difficult.