Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has started doing what celebrity Twitter accounts are meant for: connecting with his fans. Maybe because MasterChef has revealed him to be a compassionate human being versus the Beelzebub of Hell’s Kitchen, people felt safe approaching him for constructive critique of their homemade brownies or beef Wellington. Boy, were they surprised.

We also learned some things about Gordon in the process. Turns out all those MasterChef food puns may not be scripted!

He also has a much dirtier mind than network TV allows:

He did offer some helpful advice, such as not letting your table dressing upstage your dish:

Don't buy sub-par produce:

Respect your ingredients:

Stop screwing up toast ffs

Presentation is key:

Gordon did give out a few thumbs up. The emoji might say "idc" but you know this tweet is going to be printed out and put in every room of her house and probably cubile, too.

The lesson here is, when approaching the master, come correct:

And you just might get some actually helpful advice:

But don't ever try to troll the master, or you just might lose your appetite.

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