Gore’s movie will be ‘historical’



Re: “An improved review of An Inconvenient Truth:


I strongly disagree with the review by Rick McGinnis of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” (published Nov. 21.)


Mr. McGinnis gave this movie an “average” rating, claiming the science in the movie is still “in dispute.”


This is inaccurate information and extremely disappointing to read. I have a Ph.D in atmospheric science, have read many journal articles, talked to many expert scientists, and attended several lectures on global warming and climate change.

The science that Al Gore explains is true; there is very little dispute in the scientific community. I am grateful to the movie producers for bringing us Mr. Gore’s message, giving everyone a chance to understand what has been known to scientists for some time.

The film is extremely well done and informative. Our world is changing frighteningly fast. Please, for yourselves and your children, watch this movie, then spread the word. This film will prove to have great historical significance. The question is, will our children applaud our response, or berate our failure to listen?

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