For sale: pristine riverside property that would be ideal for a park or a $1 billion private health club.

The developer of a proposed upscale club wants the city to either buy a large piece of land south of the Trans-Canada Highway between Sarcee Trail and the Bow River or help him move the process along faster. Martin Dolemo, the man behind the Edworthy Health Club, which boasts a spa, ice rinks, a movie theatre and a 22-storey condo took out ads in Calgary papers Thursday, offering up the property to the city to turn it into a park.

He said the city has bogged down his plans and he wants them to move things forward or just purchase the land.

“It’s been a slow go and I want to know if I’m wasting my money,” he said.

But area Ald. Dale Hodges said the city has no interest in buying the property.

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