Re: “Goths get a bad rap in the media,” Letters, Sept. 20.


I agree that the Goth subculture has received a bad rap by being falsely associated with the Montreal shooting by Kimveer Gill, the Medicine Hat killing earlier this year and, going way back, Columbine!


All of these acts were committed by societal outcasts, not Goths. Goths are kind, social people who tend to hang out in groups, not isolate themselves nor plot to kill anyone.


Goths are fun-loving people who just have a different spin on what fun can be all about. I even made a film about it, based largely on interviews with my Goth friends, all of whom had in some way or other been affected by the fallout from Columbine. And now, many wonder what may come next in the shadow of Gill’s deeds in Montreal.