It’s not for everyone, but Madrid is absolutely one of the must-do destinations while travelling in Europe. Here’s a few reasons why.

Why go now?
Winters in Madrid may be bitterly cold, but the continental climate means that summertime is hot, hot, hot. Parks, fountains, markets, flamenco, tapas … the list of things to do in Spain’s eccentric capital is endless. Chic, shabby, quiet, noisy, historical, modern — this is a city where there is no pattern and where you must go with the flow.

Bring on the bullfight
Madrid’s main bullring, Ventas, is the best place to come and witness what most locals consider to be a national sport. Throughout the summer, the ring doubles as a concert venue, hosting gigs for international artists such as Shakira. (


In terms of fashion, Madrid is an eclectic clash of contrasts. For the super chic (mainly the upper class) Calle Serrano is the place to be. Cartier, Gucci, Chanel and the Latin equivalent of Barney’s or Harrods, el Corte Ingles can all be found here.

Line your stomach with some tapas then weave your way around the brightly lit streets.
If you see club promoters stand outside shouting “chupito, chupito,” don’t be scared, that’s the term for liquor shots — given out free to passersby as an incentive to get them inside.

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