Kevin Huynh is the founder of the new


As employers become more aware of what a powerful tool the Internet is and as information technology becomes more and more advanced, young professionals are finding innovative ways to build businesses online.

Although Kevin Huynh graduated from Ryerson University in 2003 with a bachelor of architectural science with a specialization in project management, he is now the founder, an interactive and innovative way to advertise on the World Wide Web.

“I like building stuff,” says Huynh. “It doesn’t matter if it’s real estate or a website.”

Wipixel is a live piece of art work in the making, where sponsors and visitors to the website will be the ones that will continually determine and shape how this piece of art will turn out by claiming an area as their own on the homepage.

Visitors can post things on it, find a friend’s postings or find the hidden posting called Wipi to win a prize.

“It’s like putting your very own favourite sticker anywhere you like on a piece of empty canvas displayed for everyone to see and participate in an art gallery,” says Huyhn, adding that by getting involved participants will be helping Wipixel to raise $100,000 for hospitals and cancer research from sponsors.

“I will continually seek and work with the site’s sponsors to see how I can bring more value to visitors, may it be promotions or discounts. So it’s like a mash of creating a piece of live art and treasure hunting.”

While in school and working Huynh tried a few ventures, but the timing was never right and none of them came to fruition.

“However, I was very determined to get something going and giving up was not an option.”

In 2005, Huynh and two friends started a website called, which sells fashion accessories online.

Through this experience Huynh created the right network; found a dedicated team; and evaluated whether or not the market would be open to his ideas. came about soon after while Huynh was researching another business venture.

He came across a similar site where a young entrepreneur in the U.K. was using pixel advertising to raise money for his university tuition. Huynh liked the idea but modified it by making it more interactive and giving a portion of the funds to charity. After many sleepless nights, Huynh launched the site last month.

“I think the timing is right at the moment and there are several opportunities that I would like to pursue,” says Huynh.

So where does Huynh find his motivation?

“I always believe that persistence is the key. I’m a stubborn person.”

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