The Cenotaph in Halifax’s Grand Parade is undergoing an extensive restoration project over the next eight weeks at a cost of about $200,000.

A release issued by the Halifax Regional Municipality yesterday said the work is the continuation of a summer project – a partnership with the federal government - that began as cleaning of the bronze work and stones of the monument.

However, a further examination found the 80-year-old Cenotaph “has significant structural issues including deteriorating of the concrete foundation and loss of grout between the large granite blocks.”


This means the Cenotaph will be dismantled so the portion deteriorating can be replaced, including some bronze pieces being removed and treated by a conservator.

Wildwood Masonry is doing the work at a cost of about $150,000, with a further $50,000 for engineering services, conservation work and associated expenses, the release said.

The municipality is putting up the money for the work, but will ask the provincial and federal governments to see if they’ll consider helping out to ease the financial cost.

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