After years spent trying to build a store on Southeast Marine Drive, retail giant Wal-Mart will open its smallest superstore in Canada in East Vancouver today.

The store, located in the old Costco on Grandview Highway, is half the size of other superstores, Wal-Mart Canada CEO David Cheesewright told the Vancouver Board of Trade yesterday.

It will also have a different look than other stores, including a more contemporary brand. The royal blue, upper-case “Wal-Mart” and star have been replaced by a lower-case cornflower blue “Walmart” and yellow sunburst.


The store, Cheesewright said, will be tailored to the neighbourhood in terms of merchandise. Grandview residents, for example, are twice as likely to take transit and are about one-third more likely to buy organic.

Cheesewright said the company still plans to develop its property on Southeast Marine.

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