Brew pub event celebrates life of famous Scottish poet

Graham Small delivers The Address To The Haggis at The Granite this year.


Piper doon!

Robbie Burns Day is still a week away, and yet 260 reservations have sold out The Granite brew pub¹s two-day celebration of the famous Scottish poet tomorrow (this Friday) and Saturday.

The Bayview and Eglinton establishment has put on a dinner for 13 years, changing to a two-night dinner six years ago.

People at last year¹s dinners booked for this year that night, says Granite owner/brewer Ron Keefe. So, donkey, why are you writing to tell us about this?, you might ask.

Because …

"We are jammed. But things definitely can open up," says Keefe, adding that reservations are often cancelled at the last minute.

And if you¹re a beer-and-food match nutter, you dunny wanna miss this one.

All beers are Granite-brewed: The night starts with Indian Pale Ale; Scotch-broth soup with Ringwood Ale; haggis with Keefe¹s, ahem, Scottish Stout (usually Irish); smoked prime rib with cask-conditioned Peculiar; finally, tipsy laird for dessert with Gin Lane Ale (barley wine).

Scotland-born Graham Small -- think Little John -- delivers The Address To The Haggis. Pipers, kilts, good craic. $45, 7 p.m. start.

Call 416-322-0723 for more.

If you can¹t get in this weekend, and you need to hear The Address Groundskeeper Willy-style, Scottish import Hugh Brownie is set to bellow at 9 p.m. next Thursday (Burns¹ actual birthday) at The Auld Spot -- a Danforth and Logan haunt for young professionals.

No reservations, with seating for 50. Call 416-406-4688, if needed.

Caledonian 80/-, from Edinburgh, is on tap, there¹s a wide selection of scotches and haggis appetizers will be served. They might be accompanied with an interesting dipping sauce by chef Josh Dalton, perhaps the only man with Scottish ancestry employed at the intimate watering hole, perhaps the only one in the city that professes to be a Scottish pub.

"Josh is a creative guy," Hynes says.

"He¹s a little surly, too. Put that in there."

Aye, done.


Scottish beers at LCBO:

  • Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer: 330-ml bottle, $3.15, 6.6 per cent alcohol/Volume; from Edinburgh by Innis & Gunn Brewing Co Ltd.

  • Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer Limited Edition ¹05, 330-ml bottle; $4.85, 7.2 per cent

  • McEwan¹s Scotch Ale: six-pack of 355-ml bottles, $12.55; 7.9 per cent; from Edinburgh by Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd.

  • Historic Ales From Scotland gift pack: four-pack of 330-ml bottles, $12.30. By Heather Ale Ltd. in Alloa, Scotland. This gift pack includes brews made from heather, elderberries, gooseberries and spruce. As of yesterday (Wednesday), the Yorkdale Shopping Centre LCBO (Dufferin and Hwy. 401) was the place in Ontario to find this wonderful gift set, with more than 20 in stock.