There’s a championship banner missing on the walls of the Mayflower Curling Club.

“We have provincial, national and world titles and soon enough we hope to have a wheelchair curling title,” said Paul McDonald, past president of the curling club.

With a grant from the province of $20,000, MacDonald said the club will soon be accessible to all curlers.

An accessible bathroom facility is going in on the first floor and a ramp will be installed.

“And ultimately the biggest achievement with this funding will be a wheelchair lift into the ice shed,” he said.

On Thursday, Health Promotion and Protection Minister Maureen MacDonald held a press conference at the curling club and announced grants for 19 community groups in the central region that includes the HRM.

“We have a long way to go in improving the health status of our population. This is why this kind of investment is so important,” she said.

In total, the province is spending $549,000 for community groups in this area. Similar grant announcements are being made around the province as the government spends a total of $2.49 million.

Where does the money go?
• Banook Canoe Club: $35,000 for upgrades to the building
• Halifax Atlantic Gymnastics Club: $22,000 for a landing pit
• Shatford Home and School Association: $7,000 for a trailer connector
• Mayflower Curling Club: $20,000 for accessibility upgrades
• Dalhousie Arena: $35,000 for lighting
• McIntosh Run Watershed Association: $20,000 for trails.
• Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association: $60,000 for trails
• Sackville Heights Community Centre: $35,000 to develop a park
• $10,000 for a volleyball court at Graham’s Grove
• River Community Centre Association: $25,000 to re-develop park at Mosher River
• Upper Musquodoboit Consolidation: $10,000 to upgrade outdoor court
• Ecole LeMarchant St. Thomas School: $25,000 to improve playground
• $100,000 to develop Waverly ball field over two years
• $30,000 to build Delaney Drive Park and playground
• $20,000 to replace Glen Arbor playground
• $20,000 to develop Beaverbank Monarch School playground
• $45,000 to develop McNabs Island trail system
• $30,000 to upgrade trails at First Lake

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