The Granville Strip may be closed to traffic weekend evenings and flooded with cops as the city tries to KO drunken fighting in the popular entertainment district.

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan said yesterday he supports spending almost half a million dollars to "make the street closures a permanent feature of the Granville entertainment district."


The area has been a trouble spot for late-night, booze-fuelled violence since 2003 when closing times for bars and clubs were extended until 4 a.m.

In response, Vancouver police experimented with closing the area to vehicles and increasing the number of police officers in the area.

The trial closures resulted in a noticeable drop in violence, said Const. Jana McGuinness, spokeswoman for the department, partly because people were able to move around more freely, resulting in fewer confrontations.

Sullivan said he observed two of the street closures and was impressed by what he saw.

"It completely changed the street scene," Sullivan said. "It completely relaxed and reduced the disorder that was present other nights."

scanning system

  • NPA Coun. Kim Capri wants city council to support an ID scanning system used to screen customers for potential gang members, known criminals and troublemakers.

  • A complaint against the system has been made to B.C.’s privacy commissioner, Capri said, and has placed its fate in jeopardy.

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