In Queen’s Park Cemetery, there lies a grave with a headstone much like any other — except that the name belongs to a Calgary man who is still alive.

Now police are asking for help to figure out who’s in the ground. In May, police pulled over a man for a routine traffic stop and were quite surprised to discover he was listed as deceased when they ran his name.

After clearing up the identity of the man through fingerprinting, police found a man had used the victim’s Health Card and Social Insurance Number to get health care in May 2009 and died in hospital.

“It’s not something that’s ever come up before,” Const. Carlos de Menezes said.

Menezes said the emergency contact who identified him, the person who paid for the deceased’s funeral, and the victim of the identity theft only knew the dead man by his Chinese nickname, Golo.

“He’s grossly annoyed that this has happened to him,” said Menezes of the victim, adding they ran in the “same social circles.”

There are major complications that come from being legally dead including pension and credit issues that the victim is painstakingly trying to clear up.

“He’s obviously concerned about the ramifications of this.”