High-quality cotton is comfy, durable and breathable



Jeffrey Fisher Home


These sheets are worth sleeping with! They’re shown in chocolate-brown-and-blue, which is a hot colour combination this season, and are from the Stila Collection at Jeffrey Fisher Home, www.jeffreyfisherhome.com.


It’s no secret that most people don’t get enough sleep. Some say it’s because we’re giving up sleep to work (or play) longer. But Jeffrey thinks differently. He says sleep deprivation is caused by people avoiding bedtime in order to get away from ugly sheets made of stiff, scratchy fabrics.

Jeffrey loves sleeping, and when he’s not sleeping or busting design crimes with Tammy, he and his sister Deborah run a bedding company called Jeffrey Fisher Home, www.jeffreyfisherhome.com. He insists that if you spend a few nights with super-comfortable and breathable high-quality cotton sheets, you’ll never go back.

He’s right about that. For a feeling of smoothness and quality that will not wear thin, go for at least a 300 thread count cotton. Stay away from polyester-cotton blends, even if they’re inexpensive, because they don’t breathe as well as cotton. Even though quality linens cost more, the old adage holds true: you get what you pay for.

We’ve always said, it’s better to have one or two good quality sets of bed linen, than a linen closet full of design crimes.

If you buy a few gorgeous linens in a tightly woven quality cotton and care for them properly, they’ll retain their beauty and could last you for decades. And of course, quality is also evident in the patterns and colour. The best linens have soft, dyed colour. The cheap ones are stamped, which makes them feel stiff.

Joanna Goodman, owner of Au Lit Fine Linens in Toronto, www.aulitfinelinens.com, says darker colours such as espresso, lead grey softened with taupe, cream and ice blue have been best sellers this season.

And combinations of espresso and ice blue, lead grey and ice blue, and as always, cream and taupe are big.

Mixing these colours in one bed with pillows is also a stylish look.

Muted paisleys and simple contemporary geometric patterns rendered in soft shades are very popular, and so are solids with embroidery or coloured borders. Another big hit is chocolate brown combined with soft blue detailing. An example of this is the “Stila Bed” or “Atelier Bed,” from Jeffrey Fisher Home.

Once you get your sheets home, it’s easy to keep them looking great. Jeffrey has a foolproof method for keeping cotton sheets wrinkle-free. He washes one sheet at a time with several pillowcases, tumbles them in the dryer and pulls them out when they are ever-so-slightly damp. Then he folds them … no ironing required. And just a bit of friendly advice: do not overload the washing machine and especially the dryer, and above all, do not “bake” linens in the dryer. So no matter if you use your bed for work, play, or sleeping, a great set of linens make it that much easier to get yourself and that special someone to spend more time between the sheets.

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