Jason Blanch wants Stephen Harper out of the country.


Surprisingly, the Amherst-born Green Party candidate’s wish to get the prime minister out of Canada has nothing to do with gaining an edge in his bid to win the federal byelection for Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley.


So determined is Blanch to wave goodbye to the Harper from the tarmac, and alter Conservative environmental policy, he has issued a direct challenger: If Blanch triples the traditional Green Party support by garnering 15 per cent of votes in the Nov. 9 poll, the prime minister hops on a jet across the ocean, headed to climate-change talks in Copenhagen.


“The whole reason in my running is a mix of concern and outrage,” Blanch said. “Outrage that the government is not taking this issue seriously.”

The challenge, issued in the form of a video message to the prime minister uploaded to YouTube, is a reaction to reports Harper is again planning to skip global climate talks hosted by the United Nations.

Blanch, an addictions counsellor and married father of two, said 15 per cent support is attainable.