The provincial Green Party leader is promising to file paperwork on time after another warning from Elections Nova Scotia this week.

Ryan Watson, who announced his resignation as leader last month, said Tuesday the Greens are “on track” to send in candidate expense reports by Aug. 18, as well as to meet another deadline in October.

The Greens were supposed to submit financial records -- including donor contributions -- in April but didn’t do so until July, following a deregistration threat from the province’s chief electoral officer, Christine McCulloch.


McCulloch met with Watson and the party’s official agent, Kathryn Herbert, on Tuesday to discuss the future of the Greens. Elections Nova Scotia spokesman Dana Doiron said the outcome of that meeting is that the Green Party is still under review, with the final decision depending on how they deal with upcoming deadlines.

Watson said he hopes to end his career as leader on “an upbeat note” at his party’s annual general meeting this fall.

“It’s definitely been important to see this through and get this situation sorted out.”

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