Spring and summer time is fast approaching and with it comes classes around Edmonton to help gardening enthusiasts with the tricks of the trade.

One of the locations offering classes for both beginners and experienced gardeners is the Ellersie Gift and Garden Centre, which has a selection of class ranging from seed planting to bonsai growing.

“People look at the first step,” said Lucy Rothwell, event coordinator at Ellersie. “They pick up seeds, then they say what next with it. We have information sessions for first timers on how to plant seeds on March 25.”

Rothwell said that with a younger generation of house buyers looking at healthy ways of growing food on their property, there's been a new surge of interest in gardening.

“The younger generation wants to plant their own and go chemical free,” said Rothwell. “We're finding more and more of them are coming in and trying to plant their own gardens.”

One way to keep that interest going Rothwell said is to get the kids interested in gardening as well, and the Ellersie centre has a course aimed at getting children active and involved with greenery.

“We're having a class in June for kids,” said Rothwell. “(We) show them how to plant the seeds … It's so important to get them when they're young so that they get involved.”

For those looking for a more practical and design based outlook of their gardening property, Metro Continuing Education offers landscaping classes to help maximize the area of property owners.

“(Some) have never planted and they have no idea what to do,” said Deanna Fitzmaurice, assistant principal for Metro Continuing Education. “People will plant trees and suddenly they're being dwarfed by these trees.”

Fitzmaurice said the school likes to offer courses for people that might not have a lot of free time to do extensive work on their gardens or property.

“People have such a busy lifestyle so they need something low maintenance,” said Fitzmaurice. “Our niche is a little more detailed when people are a little overwhelmed.”

The full list of courses available at the Ellersie Gift and Garden Centre can be found on their website, www.ellersliegift.com/classes.php, while the Metro Continuing Education courses can be found at www.metrocontinuingeducation.ca.