Clear your head, your conscience and your carbon footprint in one go.


Go electric
Technology is here for a reason, so digitalize and dematerialize as much as possible. Emails, invites, calendars and files can all be saved onto your computer rather than on paper. Back all information on an external hard drive — as much as we love technology, computers do tend to crash and burn when loaded with too much information.


Print only if you must, since most of the time you can read and make changes directly on the screen without printing. When you do print, choose the double sided setting, which will print on both sides instead of just one. When re-stocking, go for recycled paper.


Switch off all lights when you leave the office, especially desk lights that are smaller yet easily forgettable, but still powerful. Switch to LED (light emitting diode) bulbs, which are more efficient than traditional ones.


Choose office furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets) made from sustainable wood, recycled metal and non-toxic waste.

Public transport is overcrowded and stressful. It also contributes to your carbon footprint thanks to the toxic fumes emitted throughout the journey. If the work/home distance and weather allows for it, either ride your bike or walk into work. It’s a healthier and cheaper option with minimal impact on the environment.

Dress right
In most places, summers are warm and winters are cold. Dress appropriately so you won't need to turn the heater or air conditioning to full blast as soon as you step foot in the office. Bring an extra jumper or pair of tights to cozy up in the cold and if it’s too hot, buy a water spray or small fan.

Recycle bins
Have one main recycling bin where everyone can throw paper, cardboard and plastic waste. Place it somewhere obvious and of easy access so it cannot be avoided.

Switch off
Leaving your computer on overnight will eventually burn out its battery light and is simply not necessary.