Greenpeace activists — undeterred by the arrests of seven colleagues last week — protested at a South Surrey Safeway yesterday for Day 5 of its campaign to stop supermarkets from selling unsustainable seafood.

Police were called to Peninsula Village and spent half an hour inside the store before coming out and telling protesters they could stay, said Raina Delisle, a public relations officer for Greenpeace Canada.

“(They) said Safeway had decided we could stay outside and felt it important we have our voices heard,” said Delisle.

The rally was part of a Greenpeace campaign that kicked off on May 25, to urge national supermarket chains to sell only sustainable seafood.

Seven protesters were arrested last week — four at a Victoria Safeway and three at a Kelowna Costco — in similar rallies.

Last week Greenpeace released a report, Out Of Stock, Out Of Excuses, ranking retailers on seafood sustainability. Safeway was ranked No. 7 out of eight.

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