The Nova Scotia Environmental Network weighed in on the provincial election yesterday by releasing its election report card.

The Green party got the highest overall grade of the four parties (79 per cent), followed by the NDP (73 per cent), Liberals (57 per cent), and Progressive Conservatives (52 per cent).

The grades were assigned based on how each party responded to a survey the group sent out to each party after the election was announced. The survey asked where each party stood on a variety of environmental issues, including climate change, green jobs and energy efficiency.


“What struck me was an inability of some of the parties to seize the economic transition we are in to create green jobs,” said Gretchen Fitzgerald, director of the Sierra Club Canada’s Atlantic Chapter, in a release. The Sierra Club Canada is one of about 60 groups that make up the Nova Scotia Environmental Network.

“Where they are introduced, pesticide bans create jobs in chemical-free landscaping, energy efficiency boosts jobs in construction,” Fitzgerald said. “This should be an area where all parties would be aiming for top marks.