In the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy, things have hardly been slowing down for Sara Ramirez’s character, Callie.


But slowing down doesn’t make for good television. After breaking up and making up with her girlfriend, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Callie now finds herself pregnant thanks to a fling with Mark (Eric Dane) while Arizona was in Malawi.


“These people have ended up in such a complex situation emotionally, mentally, physically,” Ramirez says. “For Callie, she’s now having a child after wanting one for so long.


“And, you know, there are people that just don’t understand why anybody would stick around when your ex-partner went off and got pregnant with somebody else’s child and now you're going to parent that child. I mean, it’s just so rich.”

The fans have certainly let their voices be heard on the matter, according to Ramirez.

“I love the storyline, and I’m thrilled for what’s happened. It’s making a lot of people upset or excited, but that’s a good thing,” she says.

But what’s most exciting for Ramirez is the material she’ll get to work with by advancing such a complex storyline.

“Assuming that the baby is born and everything is going to be fine with the child, I think it’s really interesting what could happen for these people.

“(It’ll be fun to see) how much the opportunity and potential to grow as a person and figuring out how you fit in into this complex dynamic,” she says.

“So I’m excited to play all of this with Jessica Capshaw and Eric Dane."