Lack of sunshine may be wearing on people

Feeling the winter blues, despite the balmy weather? That’s because 2008 has barely seen the sun.

“It’s been a bit gloomy and depressing,” said Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips.

Over the past five days, there’s been little to no sun, he said.


“In December there was half of what it should have been.”

Still, many GTA residents may be enjoying the week’s record-setting temperatures. Yesterday broke another daily record, as the mercury touched 15 C. The previous record, 11.7 C, dates back to 1965.

Experts were also predicting that yesterday would break the all-time, highest minimum temperature ever achieved in Toronto in January and February. This means the temperature should have stayed above 7.8?C, the previous record, throughout the day.


  • Typically, there’s 75 hours of sunshine in December, but last month, Environment Canada only recorded 48 hours of rays. “How depressing is that?” Phillips said.

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