The grey whale that entertained Vancouver residents by travelling down False Creek is also believed to have captivated crowds in Squamish last week, says a spokesman for the Fisheries Department.

“We think it’s the same one because the whale in Squamish disappeared at the same time,” said Paul Cottrell, the department’s marine mammal co-ordinator.

He said Thursday that the whale seems to have arrived in Vancouver to feast on herring spawn.

Squamish also had a recent herring spawn, and Cottrell said it seems the whale may have made a food stop in Vancouver before heading north to its summer feeding grounds.

The grey whale spent several hours in False Creek on Wednesday and returned Thursday morning before being spotted heading off North Vancouver’s coast.

The B.C. coast is in the middle of the migration route for thousands of Eastern North Pacific grey whales.

They make a 20,000-kilometre round trip between their breeding grounds off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and their feeding grounds in the Bering Sea.

According to whale experts, a few hundred of the greys have taken up residence off the west coast of Vancouver Island over the last few years.

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