For the past three weeks, 7-year-old Daniela Korostin has made daily visits to her father’s grave at Beechwood Cemetery.

Daniela’s father, Vlad­imir Korostin, 40, was one of the four immigrant, non-union workers who were killed on Christmas Eve, when the scaffold they were working upon at a Kipling Avenue highrise complex collapsed.

Daniela’s mother, Irina Cherniakova, 36, worries that those graveside visits by Daniela and her big sister Inna Korostin, 14, will soon stop, if the family loses a deportation hearing next month in Toronto.

On New Year’s Eve, Cherniakova got a letter from the Immigration and Refugee Board, telling her she has a hearing on Feb. 23. The letter made it clear that her attendance was mandatory, to determine whether she and her daughters would be allowed to stay in the country.

For Cherniakova, who doesn’t have legal counsel and who speaks little English, the meaning is clear: If things don’t go well in the Victoria Street hearing room, she and her two girls will be deported to Israel.