The provincial government failed to implement most of the preventive recommendations in a report prepared after the 2003 forest fires, according to the NDP.

The Liberal government disputes that claim.

Forest critic Norm Macdonald said the report, authored by Gary Filmon, recommended the creation of buffer zones around communities.

“Experts estimate that the Campbell government has only cleared brush from less than two per cent of the land that was identified by the Filmon report,” Macdonald said.

He added that $17 million has been spent on forest fire prevention since the report, which is less than a quarter of the $75 million in funding that was recommended.

The provincial government said it has acted on all recommendations, including a strategic plan that improved fire prevention through the control of combustibles such as trees killed by pine beetles.

It said more than $37 million has been given to local governments and 169 forest firefighters were hired in 2004, bringing the total to 956.