Liberal MPPs are taking the selling of the contro­versial HST into their own hands — and mailboxes.

Thwarted by their government’s own restrictive law banning public funding of partisan political advertising, Grit MPPs will be paying for and distributing pamphlets extolling the virtues of the 13 per cent harmonized sales tax.

The two-page flyer, entitled A Strong Plan For Ontario, will be sent to people living in Liberal ridings starting this week.

In contrast to the government’s anodyne campaign to announce the HST, which takes effect July 1, the Liberal brochure is written in plain and pointed language.

“The transition to the HST will eliminate hidden costs for business, allowing companies to invest in growth and creating new jobs,” it declares.

The flyer also touts the cheques sent out last Thursday. “These transition che­ques will help during the first year of the HST,” the pamphlet says, alluding to the fact harmonization will increase levies on gasoline, home heating fuels, hydro, tobacco, taxi fares, haircuts and about one in six products and services. “The other tax cuts — including income tax cuts — are permanent, yours to keep.”