Gatineau Olympiques head coach Benoit Groulx has caused
somewhat of a stir with his comments about Halifax Mooseheads goaltender Mark
, but he had other things to say about the upcoming QMJHL semifinal.
Here’s a snapshot.


* On missing defencemen Jonathan Carrier (knee) and Maxime
Mallette (shoulder): We’re missing two defencemen, so we have some young guys
playing. They’re doing well. They have much more confidence than they had at
first. It’s their first playoff, and they were nervous, but now their
confidence is much better and they’re ready to go. Mallette might be back but
we don’t know when. We don’t expect him back this series, but maybe next.”

* On Olympiques goaltender Ryan Mior: “Mior has been very
good for us. But against their offensive weapons, we have to be five guys
together on the ice to defend. It’s not only Mior. It’s the five guys together
that they have to take their time and space away. But we feel if Ryan sees the
puck, he’s going to get the job done.”

* On Gatineau’s
famed “system”: “We try to be very competitive on the ice, so we ask our guys
to compete hard. We ask them to be very intense. Obviously, it seems to work
pretty well for us through the years so we’ll keep going the same way we always

* On Halifax’s
overall depth: “We feel they have more than two star players (Brad Marchand and
Jakub Voracek). You can add (Andrew) Bodnarchuk to that list. He’s one of the
top defencemen in the league. Guys like (Ryan) Hillier, (Bryce) Swan and
(Peter-James) Corsi are pretty solid hockey players, too. We have to contain
them, but it’s not going to be an easy job to do.”

* On his top lines: “It’s not decided yet, but (Claude)
Giroux will probably play with (Paul) Byron and (Darryl) Smith. (The other line
is Jean-Philip) Chabot, (Alexandre) Quesnel and (Gerrit) Fauser.”