A pair of downtown beat officers got more than they bargained for on the weekend when they were attacked by a group of bar patrons they’d been dispatched to control.

At 2:30 a.m. Saturday, the officers approached a rowdy group on a sidewalk in front of the Oil City Roadhouse at 107 Street and Jasper Avenue.

After the two officers broke up a fight within the group, a number of people headed to the alley behind the bar, where the officers were attacked.


A group of about a dozen people circled the fight and watched.

“There were three males that thought they could take on two officers,” said Edmonton Police Services spokeswoman Karen Carlson. “It’s very disturbing that this kind of action was taken against our officers.”

After a bystander in the group called 9-1-1, multiple units were dispatched to assist the officers, including Air-1.

“The crowd slowly dispersed as more officers arrived, but luckily the two officers involved were able to keep their hands on the three that were causing the problem,” Carlson said.

Carlos Rivera, 37, James Lemire, 29, and David Lemire, 25, are charged with assaulting a peace officer and obstruction.

The two officers involved were not seriously injured, and walked away with minor bruising.

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