A group of citizens peacefully overtook Environment Minister Jim Prentice’s office yesterday calling for climate change action.

About a dozen “concerned citizens” donning signs protested outside the office but some also took up shop inside the office as a means of urging Prentice to make amendments to Canada’s climate change policy, according to spokesperson David Wilson.

“People are already dying and losing their homes due to the impacts of global warming and we want the government to take a stand and we are here to urge them to act,” Wilson said. “We plan to stay here as long as it takes.”

Wilson said the group was persuaded to take action after a recent Canadian poll showed 75 per cent of Canadians are concerned by the lack of action.

Office staff carried on with work but offered coffee to the group, who declined.

Director for regional affairs for the government office Scott Wenger said the group’s concerns were passed along to Prentice, who was not in Calgary at the time.

The group plans a series of similar actions on upcoming dates.

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