The site of B.C.’s largest marijuana grow-op ever subject to civil forfeiture action will be sold by the province, Solicitor General John van Dongen announced yesterday.

The Cedar Creek property, where more than 22,000 plants a year could have been produced, was discovered by Williams Lake RCMP in November 2006. Two people were arrested and charged at the time.

“Grow-ops and related organized crime present serious risks to public safety, and this latest, successful case shows the province and RCMP are serious about suppressing unlawful and harmful activity wherever it occurs,” van Dongen said in a press release.


The solicitor general added that civil forfeiture has been successful in taking away the instruments used by criminals to make a profit.

“The shear size of the illegal activity we’ve seen in this case makes it the perfect candidate for what we designed civil forfeiture for.”

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