Medical professions are just one of the growing job fields. Medical scientists are just one of the growing job fields.


Good news for people with a tech background: information technology jobs are on the rise, reports Fortune magazine. Companies are looking to hire more tech people at rates reaching a record high, especially those with three to five years of experience. Software development is an especially hot career field for 2014, with job listings up 120 percent from 2012.



IT isn't the only growing job field to keep your eye on in 2014. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists, personal care aids, health aids, mechanics and translators are all in-demand jobs right now. People are living longer than ever, making the ageing population higher than ever before and increasing the need for more aides. There is a projected 50 percent increase in demand from 2008 and 2018 in this field.


For jobs with a median salary of over $70,000, biomedical engineers, financial advisors and medical scientists top the list for the most in-demand jobs in 2014. Again, due to the increase of the ageing population coupled with a growing population, more medical breakthroughs are needed.


Whether you are already employed or are gradating college this spring, the new year brings exciting possibilities.

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