Another year and more people have packed themselves into Calgary city limits.

This year’s civic census revealed that Calgary’s population grew from 1,042.892 people to 1,065,455, an increase of 22,563 Calgarians.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said the city will face the same challenges it has over the last few years.

“With more clients for the services you have, (you have) more demand for services, everything from garbage collection to water availability, to transit and roads, park space, and ... affordable housing to recreational programs for children,” Bronconnier said.

“That puts more pressure on the local government, which means it is going to be even more difficult for the 2010 and 2011 budget cycle,” he added.

The city saw most of its growth in suburban areas, with 10 suburban communities seeing a growth of over 1,000 people.

However, the city does believe that with more time to let its initiatives grow, more Calgarians will start living closer to the city’s core.

Despite the increase in the number of citizens, the census data also revealed a higher overall vacancy rate in Calgary.

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