Residents in a quiet rural area north of Lamont say they’re getting used to strange occurrences in their neighbourhood, but never thought they would add the discovery of two dead bodies to the list.


On Friday afternoon, a farmer seeding his field made a gruesome discovery, when he found two dead bodies in a wooded area lining his farmland, south of Highway 45.


Police have not released the identities of the deceased, nor any details, including gender, age, or cause of death, pending a medical examiner’s report, to be released today.


Cpl. Wayne Oakes of RCMP ‘K’ Division said that though a time of death has not yet been pinpointed, it doesn’t appear the bodies were recently dumped in the area, about 70 km northeast of Edmonton.


“This didn’t just happen within the past couple of days. How far back in time, I don’t know.”

Oakes said that Project KARE has been contacted, but is not involved in the investigation. Project KARE is a task force that examines the disappearances of people with high-risk lifestyles.

Neighbours in the area said they are becoming more familiar with strange behaviour.

Nicole Hofer said that about a month ago, she and her boyfriend discovered a vehicle engulfed in flames in a field across from where the bodies were found.

“We didn’t really think much about it, but then they found those two bodies, so we think it’s connected,” she said. “It was a random, brand-new truck on fire in the middle of a field. That doesn’t happen around here.”

Mary-Ann Oshust has lived in the area since 1972, about a mile north of where the remains were discovered.

She said that in recent months, she’s felt uneasy in her home.

“Strange vehicles drive by, and we see people we don’t know,” Oshust said.

“We see strangers, but who’s going to go ask them what they’re doing here? I don’t feel comfortable any more, and my doors are locked always.”