The Filipino community in the GTA is anxiously waiting to hear from family members in the Philippines after hearing news about Typhoon Ketsana that hit the main island of Luzon yesterday.

Guen Guray was scared she wouldn’t see her children again when she turned on the television last night.

“Watching everything, it was really terrible,” Guray said. “I was crying, thinking I can’t really be a mother if I don’t know what’s going on in the Philippines.”

Guray came to Canada in 2007 to be a live-in caregiver in Manila. Her two eldest children, Mark and Princess, are in university in Manila while her mother takes care of her two young children in a small village.

She didn’t have contact with her children or her siblings until 2 p.m. yesterday when her sister in Japan called to reassure her that her children were safe.

Toronto is home to about 172,000 Filipinos, the fourth largest visible minority group in the GTA, according to a 2006 Statistics Canada census.

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