After failing to save the lives of a mother and her two children who were
trapped inside a car that plunged into the water, it’s rather difficult to go
back to living a normal life.


Whatever normal is.


For coast guard rescue specialist Andrew Vanderlee (Jeremy Guilbaut) the
deaths of these victims haunt him day and night.


This is how Global’s The Guard introduced the audience to the hour-long
character-driven drama series that airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m.


Besides Vanderlee, the coast guard team includes his duty captain Miro Da
Silva (Steve Bacic), fellow rescue specialist Carly Greig (Zoie Palmer), and
first mate Laura Nelson (Claudette Mink) — each with their own personal issues
that affect them while they’re on or off the clock.

The Canadian original series focuses on these characters as they search
for meaning in their own lives while enduring the daily dangers of life on the
Pacific Ocean.

Vanderlee goes home after the incident to his wife and three children
distraught, not knowing how to deal with the feeling of not having been able to
save the victims of that accident. Through the second and third episodes, he
tries to cope with his post-traumatic stress.

Greig finds herself at a bar drinking her sorrows away, where she meets a
free-spirited, recovering addict named Wendell. Captain Silva tries to fill his
void of being lonely with online sex, while first mate Nelson struggles with her
medicinal-marijuana smoking boyfriend David Nelson’s (David James Elliott)
deteriorating health and her resentment of Silva, who won the job of captain she
feels belongs to her.

The Guard is an appealing series that was shot on location in Squamish,
B.C., with visually stunning scenes including underwater shots of Vanderlee
trying to save a trapped man from what should have been a routine lifeboat drill
on a Greek freighter.

This 13-episode action-packed series is full of gut-wrenching storylines
sure to grab anyone’s attention. So grab your life-jacket and climb aboard the
Coast Guard boat for a ride that may last a while.